Arts and Crafts Market Application

Things Very Special is proud to host the First Sunday Arts Market, providing locally made artists, crafters and small businesses a way to showcase their talent.  This is a Juried Market.  Please note, due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to respond to all applications.  Those accepted and/or placed on a waiting list, will be e mailed.  Please add to your contact list.

Applications: Free
Vendor Fees: $15 due within 48 hours of acceptance

Upon acceptance, your spot is NOT reserved until fee's are paid.

Invoices are due within 48 hours of being invoiced.  Invoices not paid within 48 hours will be cancelled and you forfeit your application acceptance.

We are looking for Vendors that
  • Have Handmade Items in Jacksonville, Florida.  That means you are creating items beyond the normal scope of assembly.
  • A history of strong social media promotion of prior events you are attending.  Our market success is based solely on all vendors recruiting from their targeted audience.

What if I don't have Weights or a Tent?

  • Due to liability and being close to a busy road, weights are required for tent set-up.  Unlike other markets, we have a team that checks.  This is for the safety and security of the market, attendees, other vendors, and cars.
  • We have very limited spots inside for those who do not have tents and weights.
  • Tents are not required for an outdoor spot; however, this is a rain or shine event.

We are a smaller market with non-standard Terms and Conditions.  It is encouraged for all applying Vendors to review them before applying.  

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